Born in Tokyo. Studied the art of making leather bags as my first job, after which I worked in a bag maker studio.
I became independent in 2000 and regularly exhibited my work until 2012. I produced wallets until 2022 and am now creating items using Irish and Italian linen with my freestyle and botanical embroidery.
I took a course with my tutor, Ms Mari Nishimura, at the Japan Art Craft Association in 2016.
I moved to Ireland in 2017.
I established Zétton Ireland in October 2021.
I started taking the Online Certificate Courses at the Royal School of Needlework in 2022, tutored by Ms Jen Goodwin.

I post on Instagram some images of Ireland, nature and life in general, as well as some work from the RSN course.
I also keep my homepage updated as well.

E-mail: info@zetton.net
Instagram: Zétton Ireland